Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Steampunk Collection

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has introduced the Steampunk Collection for a limited time only!

Posted: 02th September 2019 9:20 PM | By Ray

Nintendo have unveiled a new clothes & accessory collection for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with a science-fiction theme called the Steampunk Collection. The set contains a mix of mechanical style components with a vintage aesthetic that includes: 2 dresses, 2 outfits, 2 coats, 1 pair of tights and 2 boots:

All items cost leaf tickets which are individually described below. To obtain leaf tickets, you can either purchase them in-game using real money or earn them through events and daily tasks. Nintendo frequently give out leaf tickets as log-in bonuses or rewards for reaching milestones.

Collection List

black steampunk boots
Black Steampunk Boots - 50 Leaf Tickets
black steampunk coat
Black Steampunk Coat - 130 Leaf Tickets
red steampunk coat
Red Steampunk Coat - 150 Leaf Tickets

black steampunk dress
Black Steampunk Dress - 140 Leaf Tickets
red steampunk dress
Red Steampunk Dress - 160 Leaf Tickets
black steampunk top hat
Black Steampunk Top Hat - 80 Leaf Tickets
red steampunk top hat
Red Steampunk Top Hat - 80 Leaf Tickets
brown steampunk outfit
Brown Steampunk Outfit - 150 Leaf Tickets
iron steampunk outfit
Iron Steampunk Outfit - 130 Leaf Tickets
gilded monocle
Gilded Monocle - 60 Leaf Tickets
steampunk glasses
Steampunk Glasses - 40 Leaf Tickets
steampunk tights
Steampunk Tights