animal crossing pocket camp maples autumn cookie

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Maple's Autumn Cookie

Maple's Autumn Cookie has been announced for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

A new cookie has been unveiled for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, this time starring Maple! This cookie involves a new hairpin, dress, grass thicket, large acorn that campers sit on, autumn berries large cosmos flower, fairy wings, a large fairy jar than animals sleep inside of, a cookie tin and the main attract is a huge tree stump that animals can either be seen flying above or sleeping inside.

All the items included can be seen below:

Maple's Autumn Cookie Item List

autumn fairy hairpin

Autumn Fairy Hairpin - 3 Stars

thicket of reeds

Thicket of Reeds - 3 Stars

autumn fairy dress

Autumn Fairy Dress - 3 Stars

acorn chair

Acorn Chair - 3 Stars

bright autumn berries

Bright Autumn Berries - 3 Stars

giant cosmos

Giant Cosmos - 4 Stars

autumn fairy wings

Autumn Fairy Wings - 4 Stars

autumn fairy jar

Autumn Fairy Jar - 4 Stars

autumn cookie tin

Autumn Cookie Tin - 4 Stars

tree stump hideout

Tree Stump Hideout - 5 Stars

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