animal crossing pocket camp grim lily cookie

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Grim Lily Cookie

A new cookie called Grim Lily Cookie has been announced for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

A new cookie has been unveiled for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, befitting of Halloween with a spooky black/purple style recolour of old items. This cookie involves a wedding walkway, wedding shop sign, wedding chair, wedding partition, flower arrangement, evening glass wallpaper, wedding reed organ piano and wedding stage as the 5 star item.

All items are in the elegant theme (and grim theme) and can be purchased for 50 Leaf Tickets and on rare occurances: 5000 Bells. No scrapbook memory is unlocked this time. The cookie is available until 9th January 2020 at 11:59pm.

All the items included can be seen below:

Grim Lily Cookie Item List

lily arrangement

Lily Arrangement - 3 Stars

lily wedding sign

Lily-Wedding Sign - 3 Stars

lily wedding walkway

Lily-Wedding Walkway - 3 Stars

lily wedding chair

Lily-Wedding Chair - 3 Stars

lily wedding-partition

Lily-Wedding Partition - 3 Stars

dark ombre dress

Dark-Ombre Dress - 4 Stars

evening lily glass wall

Evening Lily-Glass Wall - 4 Stars

dark tiara wig

Dark-Tiara Wig - 4 Stars

lily wedding reed organ

Lily-Wedding Reed Organ - 4 Stars

lily wedding stage

Lily-Wedding Stage - 5 Stars

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