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Bob was watching television as he ate some yummy chips, he was pretty joyful about these chips I mean they were good chips!
He was so distracted by the television that he didn't hear nearly anything from the outside he was pretty zoned out, to be honest.
As time passed by he got a little bored as he looked for something to do he changed into a fresh shirt and pants. He looked at his window seeing someone he couldn't make out who but it was someone for sure. 
He looked at it for a little more as he was confused he wanted to know who this person or animal was outside but he was to busy making more food for himself that he could not go outside.
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Juniper peeked at Rob wondering if he'd notice her. Juniper stayed for a half-hour watching him fix up food for himself as her ears began to wilt. Juniper was restless, waiting to meet Rob and find out what he was like and hopefully become friends with him. Juniper walked away slowly, but made sure to keep her eye fixed on Rob as she didn't want to seem like a stalker, but didn't want to miss her chance.
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