Official Dream Address Thread

For discussing & sharing content for the game animal crossing new leaf.
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Official Dream Address Thread

Post by Ray »

This is a thread to post your new leaf towns! No limit on how many times you can post or how many towns you put. We want to see them all!

Use this form when posting:

Town Name:
Dream Address:

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Re: Official Dream Address Thread

Post by NicholasLucas »

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Re: Official Dream Address Thread

Post by barbarasmith12 »

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Re: Official Dream Address Thread

Post by Michelle D. »

My dream adress in "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" is: 5D00-01D1-32BE

My town's name is "Sharp". Well, it's "Sharp Town" but the character limit didn't allow me to add the "Town" part, except in my player's character speech bubble on TPC.

If you have the Dream Suite, please visit my dream town and tell me what you think, it would be really appreciated. And please tell your friends about my town and help me get more people to visit my dream town, I want to share my home designing skills, ideas and preferences with other fans of the game and it's something I'm really looking forward to.

What you're going to see in my house:

Bedroom (main room)
Kitchen (1st floor, left room)
Bathroom (1st floor, right room)
Game room (1st floor, back room)
Living room (basement)
Study room (2nd floor)

Don't forget to look at the walls from every angle, using the camera, I hung paintings, wall decorations, and clothes on some of my walls. If there are items and clothes in my house that you don't know and are curious about, just ask me, I'll tell you what it is called so you can look for it in your own game, don't hesitate to ask me and I'll tell you.

My villagers are:

Curlos (sheep)
Aurora (Penguin)
Apollo (eagle)
Robin (bird)
Cube (penguin)
Goose (chicken)
Sylvia (kangaroo)
Kitt (kangaroo)
Victoria (horse)
Lyman (koala)

I recently started a Blue Flannel Shirt trend in my town so when you visit my dream town don't be surprised if all of my villagers wear that beautiful sapphire blue shirt. When you visit my dream town, I'll be wearing a graduation gown and the scholar's hat that goes with it.

(PS) (Watch out for the pitfall north-west from my house near the waterfall, I put a caution sign there as a warning, I buried the pitfall seed there because I recently found out about this:

(Quote) "I am SO tired of digging up this stupid pitfall seed every day and I keep falling in it!! Can't I make it stop appearing?! - While you can't get rid of it altogether, there IS a trick to help you out! Find a very secluded space in your town where villagers don't usually go - most people select a back corner on their beach as it is uncommon to find villagers on the beach. Bury one pitfall seed in this spot. As long as you leave that pitfall seed in the ground there, it will prevent a new one from spawning every day. Because you know exactly where it is, you can avoid "tripping" the seed and falling into a pit each day. Just make sure to check and make sure it is still there every couple of days as there is no completely foolproof way to prevent villagers from falling into it, thus why your goal is to pick a spot where villagers don't often go - to lower the chances of them "tripping" your seed. If they do, you will have to find a new seed and bury it again but as long as that seed remains buried in the ground, no new ones will spawn in your town. As a side note, some who have decided to place the seed up in their town have made a great use of the "caution sign" PWP to denote where their seed has been buried!" (Unquote))

(PPS) (I'm sorry that two or three of my villagers have too many fish tanks, I'm trying to remedy to that, please be patient. I decided that I won't take fish and bug requets from my villagers anymore, because I don't want to have this problem anymore, I'd rather see more furnitures in their homes.)

I love ACNL and my best friends in my town are Curlos and Aurora (also, the name of my town is Sharp, Sharp Town).



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