Meet the Staff

Come and introduce yourself to Animal Crossing Portal's community!
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Meet the Staff

Post by Ray »

@admin wrote:My name is Ray, founder of Animal Crossing Portal (previously The Sapling Forums). I've always been into making graphics/forums/websites ever since I was young. I used to make so many and never stuck to them so this is my attempt at making something I can be proud of and help grow. I love video games, i'm quite an avid gamer. My favourite games of all time are Paper Mario 2, FF7, Animal Crossing GC & Tales of Symphonia.

My parents bought me my first console. Super mario world was the first game I owned on the SNES, after that I've just grown to love them. So much I went to University and studied Games Design. I'm also into spiritual stuff, if not out of curiosity. I enjoy reading up on afterlife stories, ghost stories those kind of things..

I'm 5 foot 5 (very short), chocolate brown hair with dark brown eyes. I'm a very cheerful/laid back kind of guy. I'm quite solitary and prefer my own company but at the same time I love seeing other people happy and spending time with my friends playing games, having a laugh. I have a few true best friends which I am extremely lucky to have had all the way from school.

I'm also into anime, I’ve seen quite a lot, Chobits, Death Note, Naruto, Azumanga Daioh, Attack on Titan, and Madoka to name a few. Other things I’m into in my own time is collecting old pokemon card sets & listening to celtic/piano relaxing music. I love horror films most of all, dislike comedy mostly.
@mimithegreat wrote:I'm pretty bad at introductions, so here's just a random list of stuff about me. I've loved Animal Crossing ever since Wild World, and I've also avidly played City Folk and New Leaf. I tend to cycle through villagers quickly (since I love meeting new characters) so I'll probably end up giving some away.

I wasn't very active on the old Sapling site, but I've gotten back into Animal Crossing so I'm sure that'll change. Online, I generally go by the name Mimi the Great, or sometimes Mimi TG. I love to roleplay, as well as talk to new people.

Outside of Animal Crossing, I generally like to write and take care of my dog. I also play many other games, including Pokemon (especially Mystery Dungeon), Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Sonic, Super Smash Bros., Rhythm Heaven, and Terraria. My favorite is Scribblenauts Unlimited.

I'm sure it'll be nice to meet all of you.
@thatonemayor wrote:My name is Sunny, and I am one of the Mayors of the discord server for Animal Crossing Portal [ formerly known as Cozy Crossing Community ]. I also help moderate here on the Forums![/font]

I was born and raised Texan, and I currently reside in Missouri (Central Standard Time)as an K-12 art teacher. I helped create Cozy Crossing Community, and I make a majority of the graphics for the server, as a self-taught artist, coding, and graphics nerd. If you need any advice on art or graphics, you know who to talk to! In addition to teaching, I also am a published author and illustrator. I have one book out, and I'm working on my second currently.

I'm a very friendly and outgoing person, who is said to sing like a Disney princess. I love anything to do with the arts. (Music, Writing, Literature, Dance, Theatre, etc.) Here are some fun random things you may or may not care about:

I've been to forty-two U.S States and seven countries in 22 years of life.

I am the shortest person on Animal Crossing Portal's Staff, at a whopping 4 foot 10 and 3/4 inches.

My eyes are green, and one is slightly bluer than the other, so on certain days one of my eyes looks blue, and the other looks green.

I have pre-pre Alzheimers. I'm deficient in a chemical in my brain that helps with my memory, so if I forget something, I PROMISE it was not intentional.

I have climbed a glacier, been in an emergency landing in a small plane, flown over the grand canyon, watched killer whales and humpbacks in the wild, sat on a camel, seen the Mona Lisa, and met a 3rd place American Idol winning contestant.

Anyhoo, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have ANY sort of question whatsoever. My goal is to help you to feel like you're part of our family, so just call me, beep me if you wanna reach me. Kim possibl--wait what?


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Re: Meet the Staff

Post by among »

Great post. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! It's great to see that some people still put in the effort to manage their websites. I will definitely be back soon.
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Post by watson6987 »

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