Reasons for mistakes when writing a resume.

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Reasons for mistakes when writing a resume.

Post by Hewers »

A successful resume greatly increases the chances of getting an invitation to an interview. Especially in the current conditions, when the labor market is changing. Competition for good work is growing.

It is difficult to meet and communicate with each candidate. Therefore, a lot depends on the resume. In the article we will analyze what typical mistakes are made when writing it and how to correct them in order to attract the attention of employers.

Gross mistakes in the preparation of a resume
Reduce the chances of getting a job to almost zero. These include:

Spelling mistakes, especially in professional terms and job titles.
Concealment of some of the most important information (first name, last name, age, education, etc.). An
unsuccessful photo or its absence.
Too small or too lengthy resume (preferably 2-3 A4 pages).
Lies and inaccuracies that are easy to identify.
The absence of an indication of the desired salary (the "by agreement" option significantly reduces the number of responses).
Salary expectations that do not correspond to the market (if there are doubts, then you can specify the average value in the "cap", and specify in the comments below what amount vacancies will not be considered).
One resume "for all occasions" (for each position it is necessary to fill out a separate form).
A meaningless set of letters in those columns that the applicant does not want to fill in (resumes are generated automatically, so the recruiter sees all the "gibberish").

A fatal mistake when writing a resume is its absence or "emptiness" in it. In this case, the applicant can only count on unskilled positions in the labor market.

There are also less obvious flaws, which will be discussed later. Only recruiters know about them. Such mistakes force HR managers to "discard" applicants' resumes without considering them as potential candidates.

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Re: Reasons for mistakes when writing a resume.

Post by Catalona »

The fact is that an applicant for a new job may have the highest qualifications in his field, but he has absolutely no experience in writing a resume. I think this is not a cause for concern, because there is such a wonderful company currently providing services to correct your resume here They will be able to indicate all the detailed points with great accuracy so that this guarantees a very high percentage of success for those who ordered such a service.

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