Very attractive treasure hunt game!

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Very attractive treasure hunt game!

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I usually play games in my free time
It makes me feel good
If you are looking for a way to feel happier. I would like to share with you this online game: fireboy and watergirl
Play Fireboy and Watergirl - one of the best free two-player games online. Team up and with your friends to battle puzzles through the elements.
Characters: Both Fireboy and Watergirl are main characters that complement each other's strengths and weaknesses best. Fireboy also has to deal with addicts, and Watergirl would be better for the job at other times.
Fireboy has the ability to set fire and collect red diamonds. He is also slightly stronger than Watergirl. Water and green mood is its downfall.
Watergirl will walk on the water comfortably and collect blue diamonds. She is also quick. Firegirl's downfall is the verdant humor of the lakes of fire.
Thank you for reading my post
hope it helps you
Have a nice time!!

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