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Frequently Asked Questions & Bug Reports

Posted: 01 Jul 2019, 13:01
by Ray
If you are experiencing any technical problems, incompatibility issues, problems or general bugs with the boards then please report them here and the team will do our best to solve them quickly. Furthermore, if you have general questions for use of the forum, please post below. Please do not PM staff with technical issues but post your problems below or check the FAQS in case your question has been asked before:


1. What is the Bells currency here?

Bells are the currency used on this forum. You gain bells every time you make a post! They can be traded with other members, saved in your ABD bank or used to purchase lottery tickets. A more detailed explanation can be found here: >>The Bells System<<

2. Can friends or siblings make an account using the same IP address?

Yes, multiple users can join animal crossing portal forums using the same IP address. Usually this may be required when you have multiple people using the same computer wanting to join the same website.

3. What is the difference between a disabled and banned account and what are the rules for this?

When a member breaks one of the rules set out in the Rules Thread, they will receive a verbal warning. Members are advised to read the rules at this point as breaking additional rules after this will result in warnings given on their account.

If you receive 3 warnings, your account will be disabled for 2 weeks (disabled members can still access the boards but they cannot post). After the 2 weeks period, if you break another rule you receive a temporary ban for another 2 weeks (at this point you can't access the board). Any rule breaks after this will result in a permanent ban.

Verbal warning (1st rule break) -> 3 warnings = disabled for 2 weeks -> Fourth rule break = banned for 2 weeks -> Fifth rule break = permanent ban.

Re: Frequently Asked Questions & Bug Reports

Posted: 01 Mar 2020, 23:53
by Ray
Im aware there's some templating issues on the thread pages (styling with the menu list squashed to the left). Bare with us whilst we fix it (the new skin did just go live after all!)