Rules & Regulations 1.0

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Rules & Regulations 1.0

Post by Ray »

The rules are set in place so everyone who posts on the forum can enjoy a friendly and safe environment. Please make sure to read the rules upon registering. Anyone in violation of the rules may be banned at the discretion of the admin(s).

Respect Others

- Animal Crossing Portal is a family friendly board which means all content should be appropriate for all ages.
- Be polite when talking to other people. Use of inappropriate language is not allowed. Users must not post offensive material, link to inappropriate websites or post content which is otherwise deemed offensive. This applies to profiles, signatures, polls, pms, avatars, pictures, posts and all other communications both publicly posted and private between users.
- Discussion of "mature" content which might be considered offensive is not allowed.
- Use of illegal or claiming owned content as your own is forbidden (unless explicit permission from the owner is present in the case of owned material). Discussion of ROMs, ROM related material, and pms asking for ROMs is also forbidden.
- Religious discussion, discussion of beliefs, or other emotive or controversial subject matter is forbidden, except in explicitly designated areas of the board. This is to prevent arguments and flame wars.
- Discussion of other websites/forums is allowed as long as it's in good taste. Posting for the sake of complaining/insulting other websites/forums is not only seen as harassing but creates a bad atmosphere for everyone else. This also goes for talking about people elsewhere, forum users and third parties. If you must talk about an issue which has been bothering you please pm an admin or member of staff directly.

Account Rules

- Signatures

Signatures may contain links, images and text. Links/Images/Text must not can any contain any inappropriate or potentially offensive content and must follow the family friendly policy.

Signatures can be a maximum of 500 characters in length. As for the size of the entire signature, 720 x 240 is the maximum limit allowed.

Images must be in BBcode to work. All signatures must follow the rules relating to content and not contain content of an inappropriate or non-family-friendly nature.

- Avatars

Avatars must follow the family friendly rules policy, therefore any inappropriate avatars will be removed. The max size of avatars is 100 x 100 pixels. Any type of content is allowed as long as it conforms to the rules. The maximum size for uploaded avatars is 40 kb.

Graphical Content - Videos, Websites & Imagery

- Images, Videos and Graphics can be embedded into posts if you choose as long as they don't contain any content which violates the rules. Website links can be embedded in signatures, posts or the affiliation vault, again on the condition that they do not violate any rules. Linking to advertising sites, spam sites, malicious or sexually explicit websites of any kind is not allowed and any user seen doing so will be immediately banned. This immediate ban policy also applies to any other infringement of the rules which is deemed sufficiently serious by the board admin(s). Adverting by PM or otherwise is not allowed.
-If you are using artwork that does not belong to you for re creative purposes such as modifying the original image or using it for a specific purpose other than what it was intended for, please credit and notify the owner. Unless specified clearly, sharing images/videos/content is fine as long as you don't claim it to be yours and this is clear or not implied. Sharing content when the owner/website has specifically requested not to is not allowed (unless they have clearly stated as crediting is acceptable).

Posting Rules

- Be polite when addressing other members. Verbally attacking another user or being rude and impolite is forbidden. If another member is causing you grief or acting aggressively or inappropriately, do not retaliate, but instead report them to an admin.
- Bumping is frowned upon but is sometimes necessary, if you want to bump your topic please make the post meaningful as opposed to just "bump".
- Spamming or registering for the sake of advertising is not allowed.

User Accounts

- A user must not use a username which is sexually explicit, contain swear words or contain anything of an offensive nature.
- Users should not share personal information about themselves or other users.

Hacking & Time Travelling

- Discussion or posting content involving time travelling is acceptable on this forum as long as you respect others' choice.
- Hacking, discussion of hacking or posting images and content in relation to hacking is accepted as long as it doesn't affect other members in a way which would cause offence. Hacking someone else's town, items or any content in their game is forbidden & violates nintendo policies. Any user caught doing this will be banned immediately. If your town has been hacked by another member against your will, please report them to a member of staff with evidence (take a screenshot or picture).

Posting in incorrect Forums [updated - 03/09/2016]

- Please refrain from posting about the wrong topic in the incorrect forum. For example, making a topic about other video games in an animal crossing forum. Any thread posted in the wrong section will be moved (user notified of this), if any user consistently posts in the wrong section then they will be issued a warning. Please post all questions about the forum/accounts in the FAQ thread

Warnings and Bans [updated - 11/10/2016]

- Any user who breaks any of these rules will be issued either a warning or ban depending on the severity of their actions. Breaking minor infringements will result in a verbal warning first presuming it was an honest mistake, and then an official warning on your profile if you break it again. 3 warnings will result in your account being disabled for 2 weeks (you can access the forum but not post, you're essentially a guest), followed by a temporary ban for 2 weeks if the returning user breaks the rules again (you can't access the board at this point). If after all these warnings, you still break the rules you will be given a permanent ban.

Severe actions such as spam/posting sexually explicit content or harassment will not be tolerated and can result in an immediate ban.

Lastly, warnings/bans must not be discussed with anyone other than the member themselves. Please do not ask about another member's warnings/bans.

Personal Information[updated - 13/11/2016]

Please do NOT publicly post your address or any other personal information for you or someone else. If you must, please use personal messages to exchange confidential information. We do not encourage giving out bank details, passwords and login details. Please make sure you have parental guidance before you you share information online with other members (at your own discretion).

Sharing personal information with other members is at your own discretion. By sharing your personal information with another member, you are trusting them in the same way they're trusting you. Do not share other's personal information with anyone else unless asked by the owner of said information. Sections which can involve the exchange of personal information may include events (such as raffles which sometimes requires shipping physical prizes or trades to your address). We cannot be held responsible if any of the trades are not upheld by non-staff members. The use of real money is prohibited and trades should only be done trade for trade.


Animal Crossing Portal's admin(s) reserves the rights to change or reinforce new rules at any time and at our sole discretion. Our main goal is for everyone to have fun in a safe environment = )

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Re: Rules & Regulations 1.0

Post by candymika »

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Re: Rules & Regulations 1.0

Post by Miller01 »

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Re: Rules & Regulations 1.0

Post by NicoleCarroll »

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Re: Rules & Regulations 1.0

Post by pony »

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