The Bells System

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The Bells System

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On the Animal Crossing Portal Forums, you can earn Bells whenever you make a new thread or reply with a post (forum currency).

Your total bells is displayed at the top of the page & in your mini-profile. You can also find your bank balance by accessing the 'Bells Control Panel' by clicking your Bells amount at the top of the page.

How to earn Bells:

By Posting

New Thread - 50 Bells

New Poll - 60 Bells

New Reply: 30 Bells

Enter Nook's Lottery:

You can participate in the weekly lottery to try and win some extra Bells. The Jackpot starts at 50 Bells and increases based on the number of players that round. When the drawing takes place, a winner is selected at random. If nobody wins, the Jacket will grow even further into the next round!

To buy tickets, go to your Bells Control Panel (click your Bells at the top or in your mini profile) and click the 'Lottery' tab.

The lottery drawing takes place every Wednsday at 12:30 pm BST. The rules are simple:

- You can buy up to 3 tickets a week at 100 Bells each.

We also frequently give out Bells during events and competitions, so be sure to keep an eye out! The base jackpot will always be 2500 Bells.

Donating Bells to Another User:

To transfer bells to another member, you can either:

1. Click their bells in their mini profile.

2. Go to your Bells Control Panel ( click your Bells at the top of the page ), go to the 'Transfer' tab and type the name of the user you want to send a donation to. (they will receive a notification that they've been sent a donation)

Using your Bank ABD:

You can deposit and withdraw money from your bank by clicking on your Bells at the top of the page or in your mini profile, and then clicking the 'ABD' tab.

The money in your bank earns interest (0.5% a day) [example, if you had 5000 sapling bells in your Bank, you'd earn 25 bells a day from interest.] Interest is added to your ABD.

Money Leaderboards

There's a few Leaderboards for some of the money features on the forums. The central Leaderboard can be found by clicking the Leaderboard link in the nav bar. The main Leaderboard lists everyone in order of who has the most Bells overall.

In your Bells Control Panel you'll also see information regarding:

- Most lotteries won by a single user
- Who's donated the most money in total
- The richest banker
- Top 10 richest users overall

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