Kinda Random Villager Trading!

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Kinda Random Villager Trading!

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Do you have any villagers you seriously HATE and would rather have literally any other villager than that them?

Well I'm willing to take almost any villagers that you just desperately need to move out. (Don't do me dirty. Not Rodney, or Beardo, none of the ugly frogs, no Rhinos, no Cows, No Hamsters, NO MICE, no Eagles, No Ducks, NO CHICKENS, No Lions, No Kangeroos or Long-necked villagers (Birds like Sprocket or something don't count). Just please no one intolerable.

If you think you have a villager that I might take anyway, even if they fit into the ones I said no too, just tell me who it is anyway. What's the worst that could happen?

(I'm also giving Ava and/or Bella away) 

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