Movies you want to rewatch during quarantine?

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Movies you want to rewatch during quarantine?

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Me and my friends were messing around on discord and we somehow found the full Coraline movie on youtube so I decided to get my Coraline DVD and rewatch the movie. It used to and still is my favourite movie of all time and I always used to watch it with my friend when I went to her house xD Anyways, while watching it, I understood the story way more and realised how much I missed the like 10 times I had already watched it XD

Are there any movies you want to rewatch or have rewatched?
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Re: Movies you want to rewatch during quarantine?

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I just binge watched locke and key on netflix, I had it on in the background for the first 2 eps as they were boring but then it hooked me so I might go back and rewatch. I love coraline, it's one of the only blu rays i have lol

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