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What silly article (FF7 Remake)

Posted: 02 Mar 2020, 13:41
by Ray ... ut-jarring

I understand what he means by:
One of the best things about Final Fantasy VII for the first time is that moment when you get out of Midgar and realise that there’s an entire world out there to explore – an entire map full of towns and stories and secrets.
But to say this:
Final Fantasy VII Remake delivers the exact opposite feeling. I can’t help but feel disappointed that Midgar is all we’re going to get.
That's ridiculous, the game is IN episodes so of course you're not going to leave midgar in the first episode but it IS coming eventually. If he's worried about not having that feeling, then wait for both episodes to come out, then play then one after another no?

Re: What silly article (FF7 Remake)

Posted: 05 Apr 2020, 12:01
by avensis
Personally I'm really excited to get an expanded Midgar. It always felt to me there was a somewhat unfulfilled promise in the opening pan of the intro where you see this sprawling city but you never really get set loose in it.

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Re: What silly article (FF7 Remake)

Posted: 05 Apr 2020, 19:54
by Ray
Yea! It's expanding on the original and looks sooooo good. I can't wait!