Dark Chronicle (ps4) music bug

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Dark Chronicle (ps4) music bug

Post by Ray »

Anyone have this game and find the music goes weird after prolonged play? As if a part of the music channels turn off and you no longer get the acoustics (eg like it the bass suddenly stopped).

My game has actually crashed after a while if i keep playing, script errors.

Michael Peyton
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Re: Dark Chronicle (ps4) music bug

Post by Michael Peyton »

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Re: Dark Chronicle (ps4) music bug

Post by JackRichard »

Hmm, I don't think I've experienced something like that. I've only had some problems with audio, but it was just because my headset wasn't plugged properly.

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Re: Dark Chronicle (ps4) music bug

Post by BalanceB »

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Re: Dark Chronicle (ps4) music bug

Post by ForestG »

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Re: Dark Chronicle (ps4) music bug

Post by Oswald »

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Re: Dark Chronicle (ps4) music bug

Post by smithhan »

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