Villager Trading - Rules & Guideliness

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Villager Trading - Rules & Guideliness

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Please refer to the Popularity List of Villagers Guide before making a selling price for a villager (as this will help make your sell). Whilst it's not obligatory, updating your thread with one of the prefixs below in your title will speed things up. Here's a brief description on each option:

Buying: Buying is when you are only looking to buy with no trades involved. You can also post in the "Official Looking for/Buying/Trading Villager Thread".

Selling: When you are selling a villager to other players.

Trading: When you are looking to trade a villager for a list of villagers you may have.

Auction: When you would like to auction a villager (your own auction rules apply).

Giveaway: When you are giving away a villager for free!

Shop: You may create a shop for selling particular types of villagers. Be creative! Just make sure it's not the same as cycling.

Cycling: If you have created a village just for cycling out villagers and will constantly be having new villagers moving in/leaving.

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