Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Trading: Rules & Information

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Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Trading: Rules & Information

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Image Amiibo Card Trading In this acnl: discussion board, you can trade your amiibo cards with other players around the world for Animal Crossing New Leaf and Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. Please check the rules below before engaging in trading!


- Posting rules apply,in regards to sharing personal information, please do NOT publicly post your address, send this to other users using a PM. Please make sure you have parental guidance before you you share information online with other members (at your own discretion).

- Trading with other members is at your own discretion. By sharing your address with another member, you are trusting them in the same way they're trusting you. Do not share other's addresses with anyone else. We cannot be held responsible if any of the trades are not upheld.

- All trades must be done card for card. Trades using sapling bells, in game bells and real money are not allowed. [meaning don't sell cards for real money - only pay for postage]

- You may make a thread in this section requesting particular cards or offering, but once you have found someone to trade with, all further discussion must stay in PMs.

Region Prefixes:

When making a card trade please use one of the following prefixes in your thread title.

[Global] – Shipping to anywhere in the world.
[NA] – Shipping anywhere in North America & Canada
[US] – Shipping anywhere in the United States.
[CA] – Shipping anywhere in Canada.
[EU] – Shipping anywhere in Europe including the UK.
[UK] – Shipping anywhere in the United Kingdom.
[AU] – Shipping anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

If none of these apply to you, please make your own prefix in the thread title, for example: [AF] for Africa.

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