Will You Continue Playing ACNL?

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Re: Will You Continue Playing ACNL?

Post by Ray »

Lol I mean, it's nice to have an even more handheldy handheld ac but the annoying thing about new leaf was everytime you wanted to make a public work project you had to spend a day building it, then if you wanted to move it you had to spend another day demolishing it, then another day moving it again whereas now you can literally pick it up and move it.

Unlocking them took forever too with villagers requesting them.

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Re: Will You Continue Playing ACNL?

Post by Someone »

I am almost 100% sure that I won't because I already haven't played in my town in like 3 months and ever since I reset my town I haven't really been as into new leaf even though I loved it.
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Re: Will You Continue Playing ACNL?

Post by shivaa95 »

Personally I don't really know but I think I won't continue to play it.

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Post by StevenBug »

No, because he never was. Saban has always been showrunner for every non Disney seaspne and will continue to do so. We are still in the Neo Saban era. Hasbro buying the franchise is just more of a partnership. I am sure Saban will officially buy it back later.

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