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Punishing a kid for something they didn’t know

Posted: 21 May 2020, 01:47
by AlyfromCali
Yeah hi, I’m really upset right now. My turnip prices were at 589 this afternoon so I was gonna sell my turnips and host an exchange. I asked my mother if I should time travel back to 12 pm to make it easier and she said yes. Now, my turnips have spoiled, which I didn’t know would happen, and my prices changed, which means I lost six million bells worth of turnips and have no way of fixing anything for a while. I think that it’s unfair that it will change the price when you time travel because that means people can abuse that and have the ability to make a ton of bells or stuff off of turnip exchange every day. Look, I’m an apparently ignorant teen that didn’t know this, and I think it’s super unfair that I now have only 1/20 of my estimated bells this week