What was the first Animal Crossing game you played?

For discussing all animal crossing related topics in the series including population growing, wild world, city folk, amiibo festival, happy home designer & anything that doesn't fit elsewhere.
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What was the first Animal Crossing game you played?

Animal Crossing Forest
No votes
Animal Crossing Population Growing
Animal Crossing Wild World
Animal Crossing City Folk/Lets go to the City
No votes
Animal Crossing New Leaf
No votes
Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival
No votes
Animal Crossing Happy Home Academy
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Total votes: 3
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28 Oct 2019, 21:02

I've included the spinoffs in the poll because I have to xD

My first one was population growing on gamecube. It was my best christmas ever as a kid because I got 4 awesome games: Paper Mario 2, Animal Crossing, Tales of Symphonia and Baten Kaitos. All of which are some of my favourite games.

There's something about the oldest AC i just love, the amount of dialogue, the HUGE towns, the ability to ask for help...
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17 Nov 2019, 20:24

For me it was Animal Crossing New Leaf I guess, I'm practically sure.

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18 Nov 2019, 01:43

Wild World was my first. Great game, though I generally think subsequent games have only improved on it; I don't know that I would go back and play WW when I have New Leaf.

I'm pretty sure on the Christmas I got Wild World, I mostly played Nintendogs instead. xD
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02 Feb 2020, 03:24

For me, my first Animal Crossing game was the one for the GameCube. I got it for Christmas when I was about 7 years old. I was going through a rough time at home and I remember feeling very lonely for the most part. As silly as it sounds, this game was there for me emotionally and it holds a very special piece of value in my heart.

Over the years, I misplaced my game and had to sell my GameCube. However, last week for my 21st birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with a GameCube and the original animal crossing game. I was so happy I cried like a baby and I’ve been playing it non stop :))
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