pls help!!! can i fix this?

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pls help!!! can i fix this?

Post by picnicsylvanian »

I’m so sad rn guys :( 

Basically, I had Maelle in my campsite and I was trying to get her to my island. She suggested Puddles should move and Puddles is my bfs favourite so I was like why not.

My game was set to 3am when this happened. I skipped ahead to 6am and go back into my game and Puddles isn’t there and her house is gone!! 

I haven’t tried anything yet because I’m too scared to mess it up. Has anyone had this happen and is it fixable? Please let me know!!!!!!

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On Nookazon you can!

Post by namer707 »

B-|Not again...
Something must be wrong with me because I hop on to unanswered topics, and don't even see which game the question is on...
While staying away from the Discord server, I post on the A.C.P. fourms, and the users ALWAYS forget the game they are playing, so this time, I'll just predict, and let you tell me if I am wrong.

^_^' Anyway...
You can get back Puddles, but all of the gifts, and relationships you have built with her will go.
You will need to pay in Bells, (game bells, not fourm bells) Nook Mile Tickets, or some users trade for Puddles on Nookazon, found on Nook Directory, a sister site of the Animal Crossing Portal.

In order to proceed with this action you MUST have a ACTIVE Nintendo Switch Online Membership, to shop on Nookazon.
First go to Nookazon, and sign up, then search for the villager (e.x. Puddles) and click on Puddles, next select "ungifted" below the picture of Puddles, and click on a offer below the information about Puddles.
Oh!  You'll also need to have a cap of 9 villagers on your island, there's a trick to doing this, however I have no idea where I found it, so just op on to handy-dandy Google and look how to get empty plots!
Kindly yours,
:) Benjamin Case

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