Best K.K. Slider songs??

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Best K.K. Slider songs??

Post by dmg3271993 »

I wrote my top 7 K.K. Slider songs on a website but I was wondering what everyone else thinks?

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Re: Best K.K. Slider songs??

Post by AnimalCrossingPerson »

K.K. Rockabilly is best. He goes dunanananana!

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Re: Best K.K. Slider songs??

Post by CarmelQT »

Whitney is on my island and she plays K
K.K. Soul, I would just love to have that song!

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Re: Best K.K. Slider songs??

Post by AC Bookworm »

My 2 faves are K.K. Bubblegum and K.K. Birthday.
Thankyou and have a CROSSTACULAR day!
🍭💝 Anyway, sincerely, AC Bookworm
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